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Landscape Lighting for Tulsa Homes

When it comes to landscape lighting, there is a large variety that you can incorporate. Leaving it to the professionals can be a heavy load off of your shoulders. Harp has the design knowledge to know where to properly install landscape lighting for optimal use. With Harp, you can always trust a Tulsa-based electrician with your landscape lighting needs.

Landscape lighting can definitely bring a new face to your home’s exterior  and can illuminate areas with attention-grabbing features. Most homeowners don’t think about the benefits of exterior lighting and that it can actually be used to provide a larger living space both physically and visually. Adding landscape lighting to areas that are dark around the exterior of your home can visually push the property line of the house, effectively making your home appear bigger. Landscape lighting can establish a breathtaking look for your home, setting your house apart from your neighbors.

You can also use landscape lighting to create boundaries around your home with the shrubbery and landscaping to represent the edges of the property lines. When putting landscape lighting around these lines, a wall of light is created around your property, adding an excellent highlight!

Safety lights are also an added benefit, and lighting areas such as the walk ways, stepping areas, and driveway can reduce potential accidents like tripping and falling. Safety lighting has many features including motion lighting, timed lighting, solar lighting, and many more!

For additional information on installing or adding to your landscape lighting, contact your Harp electricians today!

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